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Description Local-Impact Models

The Local-Impact Models (LIMs) used in are:

  1. Wave and storm surge models: WAM and COHERENS;
  2. Urban models: UrbClim and SURFEX;
  3. Crop model: REGCROP;
  4. Isoprene or vegetation emission model: MEGAN-MOHYCAN.

The main technical features of the models are given in the table below. The description of the acronyms and abbreviations can be found here.


The main features of the Local-Impact Models

Model name
Type of model Important reference
Spatial resolution
Time series / severity index Coupling to models
COHERENS Storm model Luyten (2011) 1 km Tides and storm surges all LAMs
MEGAN-MOHYCAN Vegetation emission model Guenther et al. (2006); Müller et al. (2008) 1 km Biogenic emissions, local ozone production index all RCMs
REGCROP Crop model Gobin (2010, 2012) - Crop yield, HI, DI, WI all LAMs
SURFEX Urban model Masson et al. (2013) 1 km UHI all LAMs
UrbClim Urban model De Ridder et al. (2015) 0.1 km UHI and UTCI all LAMs
WAM Wave model Günther et al. (1992) 1 km Wave heights all RCMs